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King Winter 2011 - Lloyd Musser

Lloyd Musser is no stranger to Government Camp and Mt. Hood. He has been involved on Mt. Hood for over 47 years. He was a full time resident during the 1970’s, while Chairman of the Government Camp Sanitary District. During the 70’s under his leadership the first modern sewage treatment plant was built in Government Camp. He is a retired US Forest Service Snow Ranger. As a ranger he inspected lifts at Timberline and Ski Bowl and made sure ski areas were safe. He also worked closely with the Ski Patrol dispatching patrollers to the different resorts. He helped with numerous search and rescue missions and fought forest fires. Currently he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum. He is the Curator for the museum plus organizes “Ski the Glade”, Heritage Days and the Steiner Cabin Events. Lloyd supports ski club involvement with the museum and helps preserve their history. He volunteers 40 hours a week working on museum projects, preserving history on Mt. Hood and trying to help provide a venue for organizations to meet.


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