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Skiyente is a snow sports and social club for women in and around the Portland, Oregon area. Founded in 1955 with a mission to increase opportunities for women to compete in ski racing, the club is still going strong today.

It all began in 1955.


Skiyente Ski Club was founded by 25 women who weren't content to sedately putter around the bunny slope -- they wanted to race. All these years later, the club is still going strong. Learn about our history, our friends, and the way we serve our community.

​Our Mission Statement: As Portland's only all-women's ski and snowboard club, Skiyente members share a love of winter sports and Mount Hood. We value physical activity, socializing, community support, and camaraderie among women.


How It Began

Our deep history rich in traditions, rooted in a love of racing on Mt Hood.


Our Friends

We share our love for Mt Hood with other organizations.


Helping Out

We volunteer our services and make donations to our best ability.

2022-2023 Board of Directors


President Tina Weber -

Vice President Marina Nimmo -

Secretary Karen Black -

Treasurer Jaculin Smith -

Membership Director Sandra Volk -

Historian Sheri Parshall -

Communications Dir. Valerie Bossert -

Race Director Debbie Kitchin -

NW Ski Club Council Rep. Cheryl Dunlap -

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