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Erin Nicole Scholarship


The Erin Nicole Scholarship is awarded to an up-and-coming female ski racer. The FWSA scholarship program is partnered with Skiyente Ski Club.  It is hoped that this partnership will prove to be a model for other ski clubs and organizations that desire to particpate directly in the sponsorship of young ski racers.

Mt Hood Cultural Center & Museum


You'll find plenty of Skiyente memorabilia at the Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum (MHCCM) and they've often served as a venue for club special events. MHCCM is located in the beautiful mountain village of Government Camp, with a mission statement that reads: “The Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum strengthens community, fosters arts and letters, and protects, stabilizes and showcases all aspects of the history of Mount Hood. With interpretive exhibits, educational programming, and the arts, the Museum promotes an understanding of our shared history and challenges for our future.” The Museum includes early exploration, pioneer history, natural history, forestry and the rich history of mountaineering, skiing, and the remarkable individuals that helped shape the history of the mountain. MHCCM is the conservator of the mountain and its people.

Mt Hood Learning Center


The Mt Hood Learning Center's mission is to provide every child with a quality enriched childhood experience. They strive to create a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment in which children will develop school readiness skills but will also foster a passion for learning through a hands-on program here in the Hoodland Community. Their program furthers natural learning through creative play, singing, movement, story time, outside play and nature walks.

Highway Cleanup


In spring and fall, Skiyentes head out to Highway 35 on the mountain to don orange vests and work gloves, and clean up roadside debris.


We are incredibly grateful for the many wonderful gifts in our lives, and seek to show our appreciation by sharing our gifts with others. Sometimes, we get actively involved and provide support through hands-on help, and at other times we provide financial donations.

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