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Skiyente offers four ways to get involved with racing. Whether you have never raced before, or if you are a seasoned racer, there is an option for you. The racing season typically runs from January through March.

Options for Everyone


Skiyente usually has one to three teams participating in PACRAT racing each year. PACRAT is a recreational ski racing organization that usually has over 200 participating members. Sign ups begin in October and are completed in December.


The only PNSA/USSA masters ski race on Mt. Hood, Master's Mania is for the more advanced racer. Made possible through the combined efforts of Skiyente and Schnee Vogeli, we welcome club members to race in this event and/or volunteer.


We have a club race each February called the Maryanne Cup, named after one of our founding members and first president, Maryanne Hill. Held at Summit Ski Area, this gentle slope is an ideal introduction for those who have never tried racing before.


Skiyente also partners with Schnee Vogeli Ski Club every year to participate in three Fun Races. You must be a member of Skiyente to participate, but do not need to be active in any organized racing such as PACRAT or Masters racing. These are a great way to try out your skill as a racer.

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