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King Winter 2010 - Shelley Sperr-Hakanson

King Shelley Sperr-Hakanson was coroneted on February 6th, 2010 at Charlie's Mtn. View in Government Camp. Shelley sums up her many accomplishments and memories best in her letter below.

To the Women of Skiyente Ski Club February 10, 2010 I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the incredible weekend of the King Winter celebration. Where can I begin to capture all the fun, appreciation and great memories you all have created for me? King Winter is a title that brings to mind the many people who have had a hand in providing an enhanced ski experience for those intrepid skiers on Mt. Hood, be they racers, ski patrollers, instructors, area operators, event coordinators, shop owners or those who help create experiences so more people can participate. It is certainly an incredible honor for me to have been included in that group. It is not often that one can say thank you for creating one of the most memorable events of my life! It is particularly great that my Dad, Charlie, was able to coach me in what was about to take place. That particular piece is so important to me. My entire family came up to celebrate with me- that was so special. My particular thanks go to all those who worked so hard at planning the event. The dinner at the Museum was so great. The dance at Charlie’s was quite excellent- my feet were sore from dancing ‘til 1 am! The crown and scepter are works of art! How meticulous and creative can one be! I’d like to thank all those who put my name in for the nomination and supported that choice, especially Betsy and Jeannie. I had not ever thought of being nominated. Thanks so much to all of you. After all the days of skiing and teaching in the rain, sitting in blizzards on the chair, getting people excited about those blue sky and powder days, I know we are all part of an amazing sport. May everyone be able to have at least three epic ski days per year- those times that we can ‘enhance’ in our descriptions as the years go by- how deep the snow was, how blue the sky, how cheap the tickets (?), and how much fun it was skiing with friends. Very Sincerely, Shelley Sperr-Hakanson


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