Skiyente Ski Club
SkiyenteSki Club

Skiyente's Motto:


“Sharing camaraderie while promoting activities both social and

philanthropic on and off the mountain”

Mission Statement

Skiyente is an organization of all women brought together by the love of winter sports, the mountain and the camaraderie of other women who share the same interests and the commitment to social and community consciousness. 

About Skiyente

Founded in 1955 Skiyente Ski Club is the oldest, active, chartered all Women's Ski Club in the United States!  We are an active group of women dedicated to skiing and having fun.  We love racing, skiing the powder and everything between.  We have fun on and off the mountain with our meetings and several events happening in and around town.  We have events scheduled throughout the year.  We are more than a "ski" club!


Upcoming Activities

Installation of Officers & End of Year Party

Another great season has come to a close, and it's time to celebrate!  We'll thank the members who worked so hard to make the year a success, and welcome a new group of incredible women who will be working to keep us going strong for 2017-2018.  Join us for Installation 2017!
When:  Saturday, June 24th, at 2 p.m.
Where:  Parshall Home
What to bring:  A-L Bring a dessert; M-Z bring an appetizer (please make sure all goodies are table-ready, including serving pieces--the kitchen will be busy!)
What to wear:  It's summer (we hope)!  Beach casual, with swimsuits if you'd like to partake of the water activities (Note: it is Oregon, so be prepared accordingly!)
Significant others are welcome; we'll plan another event for kids and pupsters so please leave them at home this time.
Carpooling is strongly encouraged.
Please contact Sheri with any questions:

September General Meeting

Date: Tuesday, September 12th


Location: TBD


Time: 6:30pm

Join the FUN! We welcome new members anytime.  As a member of Skiyente, you automatically become a member of the Northwest Ski Club Council (NWSCC) and Far West Ski Association (FWSA).  Check them out at and


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Upcoming Events


Here are just a few of the awards Skiyente has won since its inception!

  • FWSA Newsletter Awards-Multiple years
  • Tolkanson Award
  • Outstanding Charity Club
  • Many PNSA awards
  • Winning PACRAT Teams-Multiple years
  • Three members have been awarded FWSA Woman of the year




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